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Hi I’m Claudia Beyer.
Sydney Personal Trainer
I am a Holistic Personal Trainer, Health & Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher, Health Blogger and the Author of Your Holistic Metabolism.  
 Health Blogger
I live to run, cook, create, learn and explore. And then share. I believe it is our purpose in life to share what we love, what we learn along our journey and what we are best at.
 Health Blogger
This is what I want to share with you:
  • How to create a relationship with your body based of pure love and respect.
  • How to exercise in a way that complements your individual needs and body type and leaves you feeling rejuvenated not depleted. 
  • Teach you to love wholesome food and create a nutrition plan that is perfect for YOU. 
  • Inspire you with super yummy and easy whole food recipes to nourish your body and end the negative battle with food. 
  • Teach you to slow down and enjoy the simplicity and magic around you and create balance in all areas of your life.

Balmain Personal Training 

Ultimately I want to share with you & support you in creating YOUR perfect lifestyle to live your happiest & healthiest life possible.

Balmain Personal Training 
This is my story & this is why I am so passionate about supporting and guiding  you!

Holistic Health

The Claudia Beyer Story

It all started with a little girl who had such a strong mind that her body just couldn’t keep up. She was happy, had a great social life, sporty, academically thriving and ate a mostly healthy diet.

However her every thought was based on meeting the expectations of others and believing she had to be perfect to be loved and accepted (sound familiar). To her the way she lived and thought was normal. She knew no different.

At age 16 she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and then multiple other auto immune diseases and health complications followed. From an active high achieving and athletic individual to barely having the strength or energy to stand up she felt like everything that made her ‘Claudia’ had been taken away. She was lost, scared and confused.

It was a long journey up but ever since she has endeavoured to create a new life for herself aiming to live her own life, creating balance, and remove the weight of perfectionism & surrounding expectations.

On the way she discovered a whole new world that is far greater than she would have ever imagined. It has allowed her to heal her body one step at a time. Stabilising her health to be able to do what she loves and feel an overwhelming sense of love and happiness for everything around her.

Now all she wants to do is support others in creating THEIR perfect lifestyle of optimal health and happiness.

Claudia Beyer created the BareVitality community to support and empower women to take charge of their health and wellbeing. To encourage them to build a relationship with their bodies based on pure love and respect. She wanted to use her experiences and journey to prevent others from leading a life of obligation and burdened by expectation. 

Currently Claudia Beyer works as a Holistic Personal Trainer, Health & Lifestyle Coach and Blogger based in Sydney.

She has made it her mission to guide females in ending the ‘body battle’. Help them reach and maintain their ‘perfect’ weight with ease and simplicity. No more restrictive diets and excessive exercise. No more self loathing and punishment.

Her fast and effective results all lie in her nurturing practices and have been endorsed as a solution to creating a long term healthy mindset and in-turn, body.

She has created a life where everyday she is utilising what makes her special and unique with her hobbies and passions to share with the world. A life of beautiful people, wholesome & nourishing food, practicing a balance of movement in all the ways she loves (including running again) and always creating, exploring and growing.. 


It is not until we stop, clear away the toxins of the developed environment around us that we can truly nurture our bodies and the life we have been provided with.

I invite you to join me on my many next chapters and  allow me to support and guide you on the journey of discovering YOUR perfect lifestyle of optimal health and vitality.

Now lets get started right this very second!

Firstly I want to ask you:

  1. What makes you most happy? Do more of that!
  2. What causes you the most stress in your life? Rid of it, reduce it or reduce the impact it has on you.
  3. What are your greatest fears holding you back? Financial security, fear of being alone, fear of failure, not believing your worthy of love/ admiration/ success? Dig deep, journalise about it and be aware of your habits of fear holding you back. With every choice or decision ask yourself is it driven by fear or love?
  4. What does your perfect body and lifestyle of health feel and look like? Lets get creating it… 

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Some Of My Favourite Thingsanything breakfast , the beach, Myla my puppy dog, food shopping, markets, running, adventures, cafes, capturing a moment or image through photography, all my special friends and family, skiing, cooking & creating in the kitchen, expressing myself through my wardrobe, being barefoot, and a good movie or book.

Claudia Beyer

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