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BareVitality Claudia Beyer



  • Love running! Probably the beginning of my love for the health and fitness industry. Background in competitive middle distance running- now just a loved hobby.
  • Grew up mostly in Sydney and have managed to become one of those Inner West people who find it hard to spend their weekends elsewhere.
  • A big foodie! Always trying new health cafes and restaurants & love creating my own healthy recipes.
  • I feel I live in active wear. Favourite brands: Lululemon & Liquido Active.
  • Over 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and a number of other autoimmune diseases. This was the start of my holistic journey that drove me to want to know everything I could about human nutrition, health and wellness and subquently the beginning of BareVitality.
  • A CHEK Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach.
  • Personal Trainer for over 6 years.
  • Qualified KettleBell Coach, Boxing Instructor, Pre & Post Natal Trainer, NSW Athletics Coach, Yoga Teacher.
  • Special focus in women’s weight loss, core conditioning, high intensity interval training HIIT.

My world is BareVitality. I believe so strongly in the lifestyle and have made it my mission to assist females in creating their perfect lifestyle for optimal health and happiness. With the lovely Laura I aim for us to work as a team, identifying and putting into action the type of movement and nutritional plan perfect for you and your goals.

Balmain Personal Trainers



  • I am a Wild heart and Wellness lover.
  • Love cooking (Especially raw vegan treats!)
  • The beach is my favourite place (Jervis Bay especially)
  • If leggings is the dress code, I’m there!
  • My fitness is based around Strength training, Yoga, Boxing and Functional Training. I train for however I am feeling at the time, and whatever makes me feel awesome.
  • Was a photographer for about 7 years.
  • Have been in the fitness industry for almost 2 years.
  • I love sharing my knowledge around fitness and wellness, helping people reach their goals and find their inner and outer strength.
  • Favourite exercises: Boxing, Yoga, TRX and Squats

Special Interest In:

  • Functional Training
  • Primal Training
  • TRX training
  • Core and Stability
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Boxing
  • Weight loss

What makes you a great trainer?: 

As a trainer, I want to motivate but also not push people past their limit. I believe technique is extremely important, in preventing injury and getting the most out of our movement. I remind people to breathe, ALOT. We sometimes forget to, and it is something that really helps us to focus, stay calm and progress, in training and in life. Every session is always personalised to help them get the most out of their hour with me.