Winter morning workout!

Winter Morning Workout

Waking up first thing in the morning while it’s initially still dark, to go out and exercise in the cold fresh air can take a lot of motivation in Winter I understand. The physical and psychological benefits of starting your day in a way you know is good for your health and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment just can’t be beaten. With warm blood and feel good endorphans pumping through your body after a Winter morning workout you are ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

This is a cardio based workout our BareVitality group session did this morning.

Adapt each exercise to your own health and fitness abilities and make sure you consult with a doctor before undergoing any exercise that may negatively impact your current state of health.

Start with a 5-10 minute warm up including a light jog, some walking lunges, squats and push ups.

1) 50x Mountain climber each leg

2) 5x Hill sprint/jog/brisk walk

3) 50x Walking lunges

4) 5-8 minute jog/brisk walk

5) 1 minute plank

6) 3-4 minutes of stair sprints/jog/ brisk walk (walk/ light jog back down as your cool down before sprinting back up)

7) 2x [30 seconds wall squat, 30 seconds push ups]

End with 3-5 minute light jog/ walk and 10 minutes of stretched.

And most importantly have fun and treat your workouts as a personal challenge and form of creativity and expression of what you love. Saying this, if you highly dislike hills, try skipping up them or back kicks or even dancing up them. What ever will help you make it a fun and an enjoyable routine.

Try working out with a friend or your partner or come along and join our BV Holistic PT Groups to get you on track with your Winter Morning Workout routine.



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